Dining in a restaurant below ground level with no windows sounds slightly sombre and definitely does not sound like an appealing setting to eat delicious food. However walking downstairs into Gaucho is like taking a step into a magical children’s fairy tale. But with alcohol.

Their lighting game was on a whole other level and what resembled an abstract take on trees dressed in twinkling lights, surrounded by cosy silver studded chairs and elegant table settings created a kingdom fit for indulging in their tantalising menu.

Smartly dressed waiters floated about effortlessly but always aware of their surroundings; attentive, efficient and knew exactly what they were talking about when it came to the produce and dishes.

We decided to share a bottle of their Seleccion G El Esteco to begin with which was lovely and sharp and aromatic.

After drinks had been poured, our waitress came out with the Gaucho steak board; rump, sirloin, rib-eye, fillet and more, she explained each cut, how it was best cooked and described the rubs and marinades in such detail our mouths were watering.

To start i chose tuna ceviche; the sashimi grade tuna was plump and fresh while the avocado was deliciously soft against the sharp sweetness of the spring onion, tang of the ginger and chilli and nuttiness of sesame. This is the first ceviche i have ever tried and why has it taken me this long? A wonderfully fresh dish bursting with flavour.


I have recently gotten into red wine so of course i had to have a pot, a carafe to the rest of the world, of their Seleccion G Luigi Bosca 2016/7 which was rich, full bodied and smooth to sip.


Now for the long anticipated main event; a 300g fillet steak cooked medium rare served with a side salad, bluecheese sauce and the truffle baked gnocci.


Decadence at it’s finest.

The steak was so tender and pink, it cut like butter and tasted so very juicy. The blue cheese sauce was thick and glossy, perfect for dipping every plump steak chunk into and the salad proved the perfectly light, crisp accompaniment.



The steak was absolutely gorgeous but it was the gnocchi that took me by surprise; deliciously sticky doughy balls baked in a rich, creamy sauce that begged to be licked from the dish (we restrained ourselves) which left that garlicky truffle taste dancing round your mouth. Even if you don’t get steak or don’t need any more sides (are there ever too many?) get the gnocchi, you will never look back.


Suitably stuffed of rich, tasty food we sat chatting and basking in that wonderful post meal glow, the kind you only get after a really good meal and where you spend the next 15 minutes praising and discussing the food even though you have just eaten it.

Gaucho is not cheap but unlike some pricey places everything they serve is worth every penny you pay. The whole menu is delectable, the decor impeccable, the staff flawless and they really make your experience great.

Whether it be for a special occasion or you just fancy really treating yourself everyone needs to dine at Gaucho at least once in their life.