Meats and Beats

Leaving the cold at the door, we entered Summarhall excited and hungry for the long anticipated Meats and Beats festival; food stalls were downstairs in the courtyard, animated groups of hungry patrons queing, eating and drinking, the bars and the fabulous tunes were upstairs warming up for a long fun-filled night of dancing.

Of course it was a paolozzi to begin, a firm favourite of mine and the cold crisp beer was a great accompaniment to the first delicious dish. The Shanty Town has become a new addition to my favourites; unfortunately for me they are based in Newcastle but they would be worth the trip as their skills with steak just about made my wee mind implode.

After pining for everything on their menus i went for their steak po’boy and boy oh boy i was not disappointed. Just watching the guys at work is a fun experience; steaks sizzle until they are chosen, effortsly cut and drizzled with butter the meat looked perfectly pink and juicy.

Piled onto a lightly toasted baguette with creamy crunchy slaw, pickles and some of their delicious sauce the tender steak melted in your mouth, doing well to hush me up for 5 minutes.


The second delicacy came from old faithful Ròst;  these guys kill it at The Pitt with their halloumi fries but it was their adventurous meat menu that intrigued me; venison, pheasant, ribs, there was something different and exciting for everyone.

I greedily opted for their fried pheasant burger with crunchy peanut butter; wrapped in a glossy bun, the rich crispy burger nestled happily against the sweet creamy peanut butter and salty bacon with a handful of golden crisps to give an extra crunch with every bite.


Curious by the ‘meaty’ cocktails upstairs we tried a lethal absinthe concoction that woke me up from my foodie fullnes. We then gravitated towards Tasty Buns Bakery where their stand proudly presented dozens of sweet treats, of course i had to try as many as i could.

Their sweet scotch egg was my favourite; biscoff spread centre surround by gooey white chocolate ganache and coated in chocolate brownie and biscoff crumbs, this alone was enough for me to suss out where they are based to stock up (bread street if you’re wondering). Their Tunnocks caramel wafer brownie was the perfect mix of squidgy brownie and crunchy wafer and the peanut butter caramel cookie sandwhiches were develishly good.

After faces were sufficiently stuffed and tummy’s full we waddled out happy, satisfied and buzzing off the atmosphere of the night; the guys who organise Meats and Beats have hit the nail on the head combining all my favourites thing into one wonderful evening. I will definitely be keeping a look out for their next pop up, wherever that may be.



Stockbridge Market: A perfect Sunday

The Stockbridge Market is a deliciously indulgent way to spend your Sunday; held in Jubilee Gardens on Saunders Street, stalls are cosily clustered together and mouth watering smells waft through the excited, bustling crowds. In every direction creative and enticing dishes beckon, boasting flavours both exotic and classic, offering something for everyone.

Screenshot_20170904-163805 - Edited

My first stop, as always, was to Harajuku Kitchen for their gyoza dumplings. I opted for their veggie gyoza with chilli and garlic, prawn sauce and coriander however their pork dumplings are also scrumptious. The gyoza were soft, steamy parcels seared on one side, bathing in the saltiness of the prawn sauce and packing a small but mighty kick of heat from the chilli. All topped with fresh coriander, one of my favourite herbs, that completed this harmonious choice of flavours.

Screenshot_20170904-163603 - Edited

Now on a glorious food high i meandered through the stalls and returned to Aye Love Real Food; connoisseur of giant hand made scotch eggs. I have previously tried their traditional pork which was simple and wonderfully nostalgic in both flavour and ratio of egg to meat to bread. On this occasion i opted for their chorizo and pork, looking forward to the spice and depth of flavour chorizo brings to any dish, however i was sadly disappointed. The egg was cooked perfectly, a soft golden yolk nestled in its meaty nest, but the flavour of the chorizo didn’t punch through and fat was gristly making it a chewy affair. Although disappointed with this combination i am eager try their other flavours such as haggis and pork or Stornoway black pudding and pork.

Screenshot_20170904-163646 - Edited

My final stop was outside Knight’s Kitchen, a new edition since i last visited Stockbridge Market but I had over heard a couple raving about their sweet potato and goats cheese rosti and judging by their level of excited chatter i was not to be disappointed. On one side you can watch the talented chef create the rostis freshly made to order and the other side boasts a selection of treats including Kenyan style bhajias, fritters and samosas. The rosti was a fluffy pillow of aromatic spices and heat, both crispy and soft supporting a gooey mound of rich, creamy goats cheese served with fresh rocket salad and olive oil. These guys know exactly what their doing and they do it effortlessly, their food is rich, warm and comforting and i can’t wait to try everything else they have to offer.

Screenshot_20170904-163720 - Edited

I recommend going in a group and getting a selection between you, trying a bite of everything you can, as after three dishes i was happily stuffed, unable to physically eat more but still wandering around enjoying the sounds and smells of the market.

Whether you try something new, indulge in an old favourite or flat out gobble everything in your path, the Stockbridge Market and all it’s wonderful vendors have something for everyone. From nibbles and heart warming dishes to locally sourced cheeses, meats and fresh bread you can buy to take home, you will walk away belly full with a smile on our face.



The Pitt

The Pitt is Edinburgh’s newest street food market offering delicious dishes from local traders alongside cold locally brewed beers every Saturday and Sunday.

Set up in an old industrial yard each weekend The Pitt offers more than just tasty food and drinks with music from acoustic guitar to DJ sets giving the sun trap a lively atmosphere; perfect with friends or family.

I decided to take two hungover Pitt market virgins down on Sunday, promising indulgent food and cold beers that would nurse them back to health.

The line up of food for Sunday 15th included: The Buffalo Truck, La Cinquecento Pizza, barnacles & bones, Ròst Eats, MOO PIE Gelato and Haggisman.

And the drink hosts of the day were Crumbs of Portobello, The Pop Up Cocktail Kitchen, Barney’s Beer and Smith & Gertrude.

We beelined for the Haggisman truck because hungover little Pitt virgin number one craved all things cheese and haggis; nachos heaped with rich moreish haggis, salsa, guacamole and onions making a colourful and delicious mountain capable of curing the mightiest of hangovers. All washed down with a crisp pint of Polozzi beer; happy campers all round.


Opting for something lighter i moseyed my way to Ròst Eats, the gaelic for ‘roast’, for one of their smoked salmon sushi salads; black sticky rice with avocado, smoked salmon, seaweed, baby corn and pickled carrot. This dish was sweet, fresh and completely guilt free, the perfect summer combination.


Hungover little Pitt virgin number one treated us to Ròst Eats infamous halloumi fries, a dish i have been waiting to try and they were definitely worth the wait. Golden fingers of perfectly salty fried halloumi drizzled with yoghurt and sprinkled with sweet pomegranate seeds, each bite was better than the last. We will be going back for more, many more. We switched from Polozzi to a pint of Barney’s Volcano IPA; an earthy and dark IPA that went down far too quickly, perfect for the sunny weather.


Finally, after fretful waiting on coal fires slowly cooking tender smoky steaks, i had my second ever Pitt ‘steak and chips’; crunchy frites topped with thick, rare slices of tender pink steak all soaking in a zesty green chimichurri. Divine. It is one of the main reasons i returned to the Pitt, one of the best things i have eaten.


The Pitt is a hive of like minded foodies coming together to create a truly unique and wonderful space and experience where eating a burger then ice cream then nachos alongside pints and steak and chips is not only acceptable but encouraged. Mostly. I highly recommend making the journey because it is well and truly worth it and i guarantee you’ll be raving to your friends and returning for many more delicious treats in no time.